Thrivent Action Grants

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Thrivent Action Grants

Help Support St. Paul Lutheran School by joining Thrivent!

Thrivent is a non-profit organization that every year shares their financial profits with members of the Christian community by giving back through Thrivent Action Team Grants and Thrivent Choice Dollars.

Thrivent Choice Dollars come to the school, foundation, or church in the form of cash and can be used as needed. Thrivent Action Team Grants need to be applied for but can be used to provide for a wide variety of needs. From using the funds to purchase building materials for class baskets, help fund school and church fellowship events and providing for classroom needs, the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few ways you can use your Thrivent membership to help St. Paul Lutheran School:

  • Open your 529 account through Thrivent!
    • By opening a 529 account you can start earning a tax savings for the tuition you are already paying! In turn, by having a product with Thrivent, you will be eligible for a $250 action grant for your school each year!
  • Become an associate member for just $19.95 a year! Each associate membership earns a $250 action team grant per year. This is an easy way to turn a $20 donation into a $250 donation for your school! You can have a membership, your spouse can have a membership, and so can anyone else you know……members just need to share the common bond with Thrivent…..Christianity!
  • Some financial products with Thrivent also earn choice dollars each! This cost you nothing nor does it change the value or financial growth of your policy….it is just an extra perk to the policy! Free money that can be sent directly to the school, church, or foundation. To see if you have choice dollars available to donate, simply log in to your account and look for St. Paul as your desired donation location.
  • For more information, contact the school office today at 573-756-5147! Whatever your need may be, we will be happy to get you in touch with someone who can assist you! We can get you in touch with our local representative Linda Bauens to assist you with membership and products available or we can connect you with a parent or teacher liaison who is designated for assisting with applying for action team grants and assisting with directing your choice dollars.

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